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We find ourselves living in very bizarre times with the UK and most of the World in lockdown to combat this deadly coronavirus, while the medical experts frantically work around the clock to find the best way forward, in particular tackling the development of a vaccine to overcome this enemy.

At great personal risk to themselves NHS doctors, nurses, hospital cleaners, porters and care home workers are doing their upmost to look after those who are stricken with COVID 19. These NHS and Care Home workers are the bravest of the brave and UK Mask Force, a not for profit organisation, has been formed to assist these heroes with the supply of PPE protective equipment, now so desperately needed. Initially UK Mask Force will provide face masks with the intention being to gradually include other equipment.

It is a challenge, but UK Mask Force has unique features. It is made up by a powerful team of experts in every field who have joined together, donating their time, to make this programme successful. All required areas of expertise are covered, medical, financial, legal, procurement, logistics and PR. We source all PPE protective equipment using our own people on the ground in China and in some cases closer to home, making absolutely certain that the equipment supplied meets the highest of standards, as required by the NHS. But most importantly, UK Mask Force has total control over the funds thereby following the product from the factory floor direct to those in greatest need.The money does not vanish into an NHS pot with no trail.

The UK Mask Force team is heavily weighted with ex-army officers, whose training and skills bring disciplined controls to the programme to ensure the project operates like clockwork. This is an important factor as speed of delivery is vital and our praise goes out to the doctors and nurses who are doing such an amazing job while suffering from a continuous shortage of equipment.

Your donations are urgently required to enable us to assist the NHS, Care Home Workers and wider medical communities to have a safer existence as they work tirelessly to save the lives of all those stricken with this most dreadful virus.

We are a programme with a difference – 100% of your money is under our control and goes directly to supplying PPE equipment to the end user.

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